Hello From The Man Cave

Well I made it to Michigan later than expected yesterday due to a mechanical issue with my aircraft at Las a Vegas. We left about ninety minutes later than scheduled hence I missed my connection in Chicago.

I was pissed! Long story short, I picked up a flight into Michigan on another airline and got there a couple hours later than expected. I slept ten hours last night which is far more than I usually do, wow. I was wiped out man.

I drove into town for breakfast and was surprised to find that some of the employees at one of my old breakfast haunts recognized me after six years! It seems I’m still a Lapeer Local as well as a Begas local, how fun!

I have taken over 100 photos on the Nikon today. This image is of the Las Vegas Strip just afternoon liftoff, it’s not processed at all including the size so it will load slowly you may have noticed. Today is a hang out day, tomorrow is our always early family Christmas!

I am writing all of this on my iPhone so it won’t look proper but you’ll get the idea right? I’ll write more later today if I get around to it. Back later!

3 thoughts on “Hello From The Man Cave

  1. Congrats on making it safely to Michigan. And for finding fellow peeps with the same accent. ;-)! Enjoy your visit with family!

    • Thanks Dave! Yeah I was hot but shouldn’t feel that way, shit happens. The Strip looks so small from up there but is two or more miles long.

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