The Feist

My friends whom I worked with in Michigan for over twenty years recently adopted this very high spirited dog. In fact the animal has so much energy that it made me crazy in the five minutes I was around it. It’s bark and screeching is incredibly loud and ear piercing too. Is she cute? Yes! Is she a dog I want to own? Hell no!

5 thoughts on “The Feist

  1. Yes, I have an irritating dog too. I find a lot of that comes from the dog’s anxiety. Mine is 5 now and is better, but I’ve never had a dog that has this much energy and has been so difficult to train. I love her dearly, but I won’t be able to handle another dog like this in this lifetime. Patience…….

    • Patience indeed. My friend Patty said she was going batty trying to deal with this dog, but she’s not one to back down from a challenging dog. It’ll take 1.5 or two years I guess until this dog throttles back a bit? 🤭🤔

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