5 thoughts on “What Was This Structure Originally For?

  1. So I googled the sign that said Johnston’s and found it is/used to be Johnston’s J-Bar-B Stables, established 1961 (that date is on another sign). It had great reviews of a caring family that boarded horses, the latest reviews I found were in 2012. I imagine it had fallen to hard times with the 2016 recession or a family member who was very much involved passed away, guess there are numerous reasons why it’s in a demised state now. If you’re seeing horses there that look well-cared for, then maybe they still board them privately as I could not find it as a business there. Nowadays, I read it’s considered whimsical by many of the sheet metal artwork the family erected and is considered a photo opportunity of a business from the old Las Vegas times.

    Now you know, John! And I don’t live across the street, lol. 😉

  2. I saw a horse in the previous set of shots, and you mention it is a residence? Short of having an old-timer living across the street who has been there forever, you might have to stop and see who owns that horse. Or check the local historical society…Let me know what you find out. (I bet that old KFC sign is worth some big bucks, if it is old enough.)

    • I’m thinking the KFC sign is stolen property. There is an old home on the property along the road too, has way too much stuff all over the place. There are more than one horse there. They look well cared for, amen! I so despise the long-running insulting TV commercials for this company. I emailed KFC a good bit ago explaining my disgust. The reply was basically both middle fingers in my opinion yet others would disagree… Gladly my home is a long way from this place.

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