All those TV commercials tell me that America has a legalised major drug dealer – Big Pharma… And I’m one of their loyal customers. High blood Pressure and Type Two Diabetes are the main reasons I must swallow so many pills each day. It’s a bad situation, while I am grateful for the drugs I do detest the money these companies make and the constant, daily pounding they impose on the American public to use their drugs.

2 thoughts on “Drugged

  1. I like to think that my Doctor knows what is the best treatment for my ailments. No way would I go to her and say I want that new diabetes or COPD medicine I saw advertised on TV! Anyway, half of those commercials are the detailed listings of the dangerous side effects of the drug. Benefits > risks? Not sure about that…..

    • I wouldn’t either! Let the doctor review the tests and make the decision. I just get sooo bloody tired of seeing the drug ads on every channel. Change channels, boom! You know they are making millions on top of millions because of the constant bombardment on TV. I belie the only countries that allow this shit are the States and New Zealand. Ludicrous!

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