This morning I did some business along Charleston Boulevard, being fairly close to where it heads into the open desert I decided to have a quick ride out there. Of course many of you have seen these same scenes out there before, apologies. Come to Las Vegas, I’ll be your local tour guide! I didn’t care for the lighting today, the sky was completely overcast which I personally don’t like for landscape photography. Other photographers prefer less light in my experience.

On another note – today was one of those days when I find it a little bit tough to handle living here in terms of the people. No, they are not all assholes of course but what twists my chain are the drivers who apparently believe that they have absolute free reign to drive as they please with absolutely no regard for the safety of other people other their property. It’s so unfortunate that Metro isn’t catching these rotten sons a bitches… Thanks for allowing me to vent a bit…

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