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I put a bit of a dent in my day today by making the choice to try the WordPress Business plan. Words of advice: don’t try it. Now, I understand that not everyone will have issues with the plan but in my case it was a fact. Example: It broke the site by adding the Like button where it shouldn’t have been on the main page. It also messed up the photo Slider.

Another example: Jet Pack would re-enable and/or items I had either enabled or disabled if that makes sense? It’s frustrating! I spent a few hours both emailing and waiting for replies from WordPress too, I finally got this place put back right. Of the many themes we have available to us in the Premium package, this is the only theme that works just right for me.

Hence the site looks the same except for minor changes I make to it’s look that most probably wouldn’t notice. If you have tried the Business plan I’d like your thoughts on how it has performed for you. Further, are you able to purchase storage space? That option went away from my Admin pages long ago and I say it’s a serious lump of coal to be polite about it!

10 thoughts on “Site Restored

  1. My only problem with the business plan was the annual fee. It’s pretty dear for a retiree and my posts generate very little income to offset that fee.

    • Hi Doug, I didn’t know you tried this too.

      $300 bucks is just way too much for what ya get… Period. As I’ve said – WP is greedy. Being a major CMS isn’t a license to rip the public off.

      The single and only reason I’ve stayed here these many years (19 years) is the strong sense of community. More I can say but… Wishing guys a healthy 2020!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ™πŸ»

      • I’ve just recently passed my 10th Anniversary on WP. (October.) I have the same feeling about the community, John. I added the advertisements on the chance it would help. I barely have 470 banked after three-ish years! LOL!

  2. I am someone who depends on her habits… I don’t like to find any change on my blogging process… something is being changed always… I hate. And I can’t follow what’s happening on my blogging process… I confuse… In the new year my annual subscription I have to renew… But, I am happy to be with WordPress… I don’t like any others like WP… Just I don’t like new touches/technical additions, etc. because some of them don’t work or almost make your work complicated… Anyway, I hope everything to be fine again. Thanks and Love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, my site went back to normal late yesterday. That Business plan is for me a joke. WordPress does make changes, some are rather stupid in my view. They have the Legacy or Classic editor which I use, and that damned Block editor which I tried once, never went back. WordPress needs to figure itself out! Why have two editors? If the old editor is removed, I may remove myself from WordPress finally… I hope you continue to use the editor easily Nia. Maybe your site being Private causes you difficulties, I have no idea…

      • I don’t really understand what they are doing, but when one editor doesn’t work I know this, the other one works… This is good. πŸ™‚ You are welcome dear John, Love, nia

  3. Sorry to hear about it, John. Switching to business plan two years ago required some efforts to ironing out the go-live bugs, but with the help of WP support I had everything up and running after two weeks. It’s been problem free ever since (knock on wood). Marcus

    • Wow, you are lucky Marcus! I wasn’t going to tolerate the major slow down it did to this site. Page load speed went waaaay up. After that plan was removed, the site once again loads in a flash. Add that to it breaking the site a bit. I hope it continues to work for you. 😎

  4. I have stuck with the free version, as it has been relatively trouble-free. Different themes and packages bloggers have selected can make WP difficult from the follower’s point of view. Some I can’t “like”, some I can’t comment on, some don’t play well with my browser. Most work to some degree, however. My recommendation is to keep things as simple as possible, with no fancy whistles and bells.

    • Wow, are you minimalist too? Simple is best. I am amazed at how much faster the site and the back-end pages load. Maybe this is why my 5 year old ride has been in the shop 4 times? πŸ˜‚β˜ΊοΈπŸ€”

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