Double Trouble

Some of you know I’ve been dealing with a kidney stone. I will have Lithotripsy on that soon. But last night I had another pain, this time on the right side of me but it feels different. I drove to an ER this morning since I’m not in serious pain and had a CT scan. Long story shortened, I have at least one kidney stone on the right side! Suddenly I have become a freaking stone quarry! So tomorrow I’ll be getting the ball rolling on getting this new situation dealt with. Welcome to 2020 right? Wish me luck… 😡

13 thoughts on “Double Trouble

    • Thanks so much! The initial pain on the left side was horrible, ended up in hospital in Florida briefly. Apparently number two has made it’s presence known. Painful indeed……..😑


    • Thanks. I had one in 1998, then abruptly this happens! I have a plan of action, starting tomorrow morning. This will affect my appointment the 9th for Lithotripsy on the left side I imagine… Grrr!

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