Illegal Stopping!

I’ll guarantee you right now that if you or I tried this we would get a ticket! These two Metro officers decided to pull up next to each other to compare notes or whatever they were up to, but seriously? A dumb maneuver officers… And a bit in the face of the motoring public.

2 thoughts on “Illegal Stopping!

  1. I’d email that photo to the Chief of Police, John. It’s poor community relations as well, and it flaunts commonsense, the law, public safety since traffic coming from your point of view either have to stop behind the traffic blocking police or make a pass on the wrong side of the road to get by them. It’s also laziness on the part of the officers. There probably was no emergency that made it necessary to do this. They may have been talking about something as simple was “Where are you taking lunch, Jack?”

    • Thanks for the reply Doug, I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds this ridiculous! I would put it on my phone and take it to the local police station not far from me. I’ll consider this!

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