Publishing Too Often

That quite well sums this blog up my friends, what do you think? The reason for this post comes from something I do each month to store my photography and the few videos I make each month. I keep one specific folder in my Dropbox account just for every photo I post here.

The December folder is uploading as I write this, the January 2020 folder is already in place. This December I have uploaded a bit over 800 photos, some of which may have been older photos that I reworked which shouldn’t be in that folder but oh well. So, do I publish far too many times per day and month? Or am I worrying too much? I’ve been blogging  since 2001 plus or minus!

The Las Vegas Range with Mexican Fan Palms

9 thoughts on “Publishing Too Often

  1. How does Dropbox work? Does that free up storage on WordPress so when you post a photo it links to Dropbox rather than WP media? I’ve mentioned before that I often hit the limit on WP so I have to delete files to free space. It’s either that, or upgrade to a paid account. (Posting videos — such as Vimeo, or YouTube — do not count towards your WP limit as they are hosted on different platforms.) I used to use Photobucket to store my photos, but when PB crashed, as it often did, the images on WP would disappear!

  2. Keep ’em coming John. You can’t take or post too many photographs. Always good to see your images up there when I get my tired lazy rear end out of bed in the mornings. I try to bang off as many photographs as I can these days but other stuff gets in the way. I’ve got my Amateur Radio kit out of storage now and, listening on the air the other evening, CW coming in from Utah and other parts of the US. Might do a bit more Amateur Radio in 2020 but then, when I’m out doing the new day job, usually have the camera in the harbour’s van (and electric number). I’m sure people will get sick to the back teeth of my pictures of trawlers before too long! Stack of jobs around the house waiting for me (yawn). Once again, have a fabulous New Year. R + S + pooch.

    • I love boats! Never tire of them. All I do with ham radio these days is listen in and use only VHF and UHF if I do key up. Have a dandy collection of hand held radios.

  3. Why not do one post a day and if you have more photos than 31 for the month, group them together and do a few at a time in each post? Saves the followers some extra clicking.

    • I have very few followers… I never thought about the extra clicks, being retired I need something to keep me busy and photography does the trick. I’m thinking about model boats and boat racing as a new hobby but there are few places to run fast boats like these around here…

      • I’m following quite a few blogs so it adds up if you have to open many extra emails, but if fewer posts with more photos would be good. I like to comment, but if I get too many posts I don’t have time to comment each time. Boating in the desert … a luxury. Is Lake Havasu near you?

        • I think this is why so many of my uploads receive so few likes or comments. Lake Havasu is a long way from me. I’m not sure about these little lakes n ear me as they are all surrounded by homes. Sunset Park near the airport hosts model powerboat races each year, I missed them this year as I was in Michigan. I would run electric power only, the Methanol boats are noisy and lots more work.

          • Yeah, makes sense. Maybe do fewer and add some more pics to each one if you want to show more of them. It must be hot there now to be thinking about boating. We have cold winds and whitecaps on the water right now.

            • I’ll think about this for a couple days, need to make a change!

              Not warm here really, upper 50’s today and sunshine. Upper 50’s forecast for the next several days, it never gets truly cold in the valley. Drive up to Mount Charleston and you’ve got serious cold up there!

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