Concrete -vs- Water

In time water will be victorious as water is the universal solvent. Beyond this concrete jungle lies a large detention basin, one part of a very large network of them in various sizes and configurations, designed to control the massive volumes of water that can come crashing down from these nearby mountains. There are residential neighborhoods directly across the street from this concrete monster, I would never purchase a home here!

My Chicken Soup

Yesterday I suddenly felt like some chicken soup so to the grocer I went. I changed this pot up a bit by adding double the carrots and one entire sweet onion. Maybe corn would work too, or another veggie but the flavor is just so good that I actually had three bowls this morning! Maybe some Chili for lunch? Stop on by won’t ya, have a bite?

The Bounce Factor

If I remember correctly, the SEO creeps and others refer to visitors to a website that leave immediately as a Bounce. Well, I’m a seriously major bounce in this case. Why? When searching for whatever the items may be, I am often smacked upside the head with differently worded requests to disable my ad blockers.

Others force me to leave in my not forcing the Disable request to disappear with a page refresh. Bye.

Close browser window. That’s not gonna happen, ad lovers. Not at my expense. Advertising in it’s many forms are in my opinion the scourge of the internet, radio and television broadcasting platforms. Find other ways of funding yourselves folks, or just shut down. And then, it seems most stations apparently all go to ads simultaneously?


When The Smog Blew Away…

Las Vegas had a dandy windstorm yesterday, these photos aren’t from then but you can see that the damned smog has been blown clean out of the valley in a different storm. The city looks so much better!

Fresh Coffee

Here’s another time-lapse video I made early today of Mr. Coffee making that first cup. Actually it was a one cup day, sometimes I vacuum down just one cuppa. This time I popped the iPhone on one of my miniature tripods to eliminate the jitter caused by holding on to the device, in any case the coffee was perfect. Thanks, Mr. Coffee. 😂

It’s So Good…

Yep, I whipped up yet another pot -o- deliciousness! This batch has that better balance of flavour than most of my pots do regardless of being put together either exactly the same, or with small variations. Mmmm…

The colours aren’t right with these images, sorry…

Around The House This Morning

This is all I have this morning as I’m busy with phone calls and discussing taxes with my tax man. Honestly, I so despise this time of year, the time to Feed The Beast as I say every year on this blog.

The damned TV commercials make it worse for people by using Christmas music that says tax time is the best time of the year. Seriously? Who the hell came up with that bullshit?

And using wonderful old time holiday music, stolen to promote the feeding the federal beast. Piss off.

Cell Service

Outside of the city, the cell towers vanish unless you are on main roads. Cell towers are sometimes atop small mountains to increase the signal coverage far away from the city too. I’m eastbound on Kyle Canyon Road.

The Memorial

This is the final photo set from the trip up the mountain a few days ago now. I saved these photos for last, we should always honour our service men and women. The plaques are as readable as I can make them, I hope you’ve enjoyed this rather large set of photos, folks. In total before processing, they all together were about 2.5 gigabites!

Seen From Above

The sign for the Mount Charleston Hotel and the US Forestry building are seen from a road high above. This other road I’m parked along takes you north to Lee Canyon and the Mount Charleston Ski Area.