Month: Jan 2020

The View

This 35mm photo gives you an idea of the size of this valley, there’s much more of it behind me. The two distant buildings are the Queens Ridge condominiums at the corner of Alta and Rampart roads.

Concrete -vs- Water

In time water will be victorious as water is the universal solvent. Beyond this concrete jungle lies a large detention basin, one part of a very large network of them in various sizes and configurations, designed to control the massive… Read More ›

My Chicken Soup

Yesterday I suddenly felt like some chicken soup so to the grocer I went. I changed this pot up a bit by adding double the carrots and one entire sweet onion. Maybe corn would work too, or another veggie but… Read More ›

The Bounce Factor

If I remember correctly, the SEO creeps and others refer to visitors to a website that leave immediately as a Bounce. Well, I’m a seriously major bounce in this case. Why? When searching for whatever the items may be, I… Read More ›