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Good afternoon from the valley! It’s been a wonderfully sunny and breezy day today with a high temperature hovering just below sixty degrees, lovely weather although I’d prefer another twenty degrees upward. I had an actual on-time visit at a doctor office today, isn’t that just the oddest thing? My mother detested waiting for doctors, her time was valuable too. Everyone’s time is always valuable!

So, the Lithotripsy procedure will still happen the 9th of this month on the left kidney. The stones in the right kidney must wait which doesn’t make me happy. There’s a damn good reason though why both sides can’t be done at the same time. Imagine stones in both ureter tubes at the same time – you couldn’t go pee which will kill you in time. It’s like welding shut the exhaust system on your car engine!

That said, it just extends the whole process out but there’s nothing I can do about it. On to the photos. I apologise if these are repetitive but it’s all I can do right now with things going on. Maybe I’ll stop posting for a few days? The abundant sunshine today made for great landscape, city and people photos today. Back soon!

10 thoughts on “City Views, Mountain Views and Residents

    • Thanks! It’s currently 60F here. And thanks again! Six more days of this crap, it’ll be worth the feeling like shit for a day or so after the procedure. It hurts to pee!

  1. Dear John, why don’t they take you emeergeny, I mean before 9th… How does it work, of course I don’t know. I hope and wish you to be saved soon. Thanks and Love, nia

    • Hi Nia, I am scheduled for a procedure 9th January which will pulverise the stones so they can pass easily. I’m not in any real danger except for the pain the stones cause when the move. I feel fine, just a bit achy where the stones are. Thank you Nia for caring! 🥰

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