Desert Rains and Hoover Dam

Good morning from sunny and windy Las Vegas Valley. Well, not much to talk about in this space today as I’m hanging at home waiting for my doctor appointment regarding the stones. I’m so tired of feeling like this, the dull aches and dull throbbing going on inside me, it’s like a thunderstorm banging in my innards.

I’m going to insist the doctor steps on the throttle and get this damn situation taken care of, I’m beginning to get pissed off waiting so long! Since I’ve not been out today, in the open desert or elsewhere with my Nikon, all I have today are some old photos of a nasty thunderstorm in Red Rock Canyon about two years ago.

That lightning strike was too close for comfort! Gladly I was safe inside my truck. A different photo was taken at Hoover Dam also a couple years ago, I’ve been meaning to get back down there this winter, summers are a tough time to go because of the heat. It shows two winged figures which I don’t remember the names of.

The photo with the palm trees all in a row was taken yesterday but I couldn’t process it right, there was a street sign there, I didn’t do a good job of removing it, one of those photos I have to laugh at myself about. I’ll be back later today in this space should you care to visit, hopefully with something interesting to upload.

8 thoughts on “Desert Rains and Hoover Dam

    • Oh yeah, during the Monsoons which come north from the Pacific and hit Arizona and New Mexico too, the rain can be VERY intense! The Strip sometimes has some flooding too as do other areas around the valley in spite of the many miles of concrete drainage channels and several detention basins.

      I saw the doc today, I found out the other day there are stones in the right kidney too, the plan is to do the left kidney first, the stent comes out ten days later. Then I will proceed to do the right side. This procedure can’t be done unilaterally as your in deep shit if a stone blocks both ureter tubes.

      I know, it’s gross isn’t it? Sorry!

  1. Hey there you are again! Thanks Anneli, that was a hell of a storm. The lightning was frequent, the rainfall intense! Was probably during our Monsoon Season. 🌵🌴

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