Construction Zones, City and Desert Views

I woke up at the usual six AM this morning and felt very motivated so I cleaned up the house and a few other things. After that I wasn’t ready to do nothing so off to the desert I go. For whatever the reason, my usual haunts out there were far busier than the last time I was out about a week or so ago. My guess is that folks are still off work due to the new year.

I’ll be bloody honest – the folks riding bicycles out there piss me off. They aren’t doing anything illegal at all but I’m always amazed at how close these dipshits ride to the white line as the group of guys riding did. They seemed to be racing each other and were wobbling all over as they moved along. Do they believe they are stronger than my 4000 pound truck?

In the other photos you can easily see that the nasty smog level has risen again, yuck! It’s a nasty colour too as well as being a reason that an online friend recently moved away because of a doctor recommendation. I again tried playing with the changes in elevation as I descended in a few of the photos. Some of the photos today are via my Tamron 10-20mm wide angle lens.

And how about that taco truck? Years ago working at the family business, a truck like this only larger and better would pull into the shop mid-morning with tons of food for sale, and an actual steel top grille to make fresh food! The behind the scenes joke was calling it the Roach Coach. I never saw or ate a roach thank God! I didn’t like the fact that there is NO English on the van I saw this morning.

On the way home I was going to hit a Jimmy Johns for a cold sandwich but ended up at Subway because of traffic. Inside waiting to order it quickly became obvious that the current shift spoke nothing but Spanish behind the counter but spoke broken English (in my opinion) when communicating with customers. Are you kidding? Honestly, this pisses me off.

So you want to live in this beautiful country with all of it’s wonderful opportunities but won’t speak our native language? Yep, like it or not immigrants and those not immigrants, English is indeed the language you should be speaking behind that counter. I am a man of many opinions and am not shy about expressing them, especially here in my domain but not that many people really give a shit right?

4 thoughts on “Construction Zones, City and Desert Views

  1. I agree that when you are living in a country you’ve adopted as your own you should make every effort to speak its language and respect its customs.

    • Thank you!! English seems the dominant language with at least 4 major countries speaking English. ❤️

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