A Rodent Dog and A Lost Cat

Sitting inside Subway a couple hours ago the guy you see here and his little rodent dog were wandering around the storefront as he put the rodent down then picked it up again. Repeat sequence twice. He then wandered off out of sight. What’s in that bag? I’m not sure but it looks like rubbish that was picked up along his path.

I’ll never understand why people wear pajamas in public, it makes one look classless and shows disrespect for one’s self! The rodent is lucky it doesn’t get the crunch from a passing car, this is a busy road! Leash please, you know fella, they don’t cost that much. I’m not pickin’ on the guy folks, but please put some pants on! 😂

Note – In no way do I intend to insult those with small dogs, it’s just a goofy joke. 👍🏻

10 thoughts on “A Rodent Dog and A Lost Cat

  1. Comfy casual is in nowadays 🙂 at least in my workspace at home LOL!! I do dress up to go to Walmart though. That little dog is impressive that he just follows along without a leash.

    • I’m glad you put pants on LOL!! He is an amazing little dog, I hope he never gets hurt being off leash.

      • LOL – so is every other shopper at Walmart!!! Yes, I hope so too for that little guy. I would never take Copper anywhere without a leash!

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