Morning Light

Good morning! The two corner photos are goofy and from first light in my living room and kitchen today. The rest were taken yesterday from construction zones on the west side where home building is going on at a furious pace. Las Vegas is apparently the fastest growing city these days, but where do all the jobs come from to support the new home payments? Good jobs aren’t easy to come by out here in my opinion.

The last couple of days I feel like blogging has become a chore rather than something I always enjoy doing, I don’t know why either but I just don’t feel like traveling around the city. Maybe it’s because of this kidney stone shit dragging my energy level down? By the way, I received a call from the doctor office yesterday telling me that my procedure date has been moved back from the ninth to the twenty third. I am pissed! I just can’t seem to get relief from this and nobody seems to give a shit. An energy draining experience…

7 thoughts on “Morning Light

  1. Glad to read in previous comments that the kidney stone shit isn’t too-too painful… maybe blogging would offer a little distraction until this goes away ❤️

  2. Can’t understand why they are messing around with a kidney stone appointment. I’d be looking for another doctor/clinic that can get me in right away. Any way I hope you can get it done sooner rather than later. John, take a break from blogging until you feel like it. We’ll all be here whenever you post!

    • Thanks, I appreciate you guys! Changing doctors at this point may not speed things up sine it’s likely the new doctor will want a new set of images and bloodwork. It’s such bullshit. But – it could be worse. I’m not in any serious pain and can go about my day with no issues. 🤨

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