A Black Bear Omlette

Or is it spelt Omlet? Either spelling is rejected by my spell check. I did a quick search for the correct spelling and didn’t find much about which is correct. It’s been spelt either way and other ways too. Anyway, I found these photos on my iPhone this morning, I’m very good at snapping photos with the phone and totally forgetting about them. The Black Bear Diner has great food, this huge omlet is no exception. I’ve never had a bad meal at this place, I wish it was much closer to my home. Are you too a fan of this delicious breakfast?

Photos: Outside view, the menu then the meal!

18 thoughts on “A Black Bear Omlette

    • Oh, OK! The little newspaper/menu they have has a short history of when new locations were opened, never had a bad meal at this one.

  1. I remember visiting a diner in New York called (if I remember correctly) Sarges Diner. Might still be there. I was overwhelmed by the size of the portions. I had breakfast one time and there was enough food on the plate to feed a family of four for a week! Fabulous food. A great way to start the day!

    • Some restaurants here put way too much food on the plate, maybe not helping the obesity problem here. Sad.

        • Mmmm pizza! I love pizza but don’t eat it these days due to the sodium content. The chili can be made less salty… How about diced onions, ham, peppers and more in that omlette? Mmmm! 😂

          • I don’t eat it often for the same reason. I use more herbs and spices now to avoid sodium. The omelette will probably be a cheese one since I don’t have the other things on hand just now.

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