Riding The Ninety Five

Here are some 35mm photos from late morning today heading for a different doctor office. I have decided to kick the other doctor to the curb and go elsewhere regardless of this likely setting things back a little bit, it’s already been set back anyway. There’s more to this but I’ll not talk about that in this space. I used different processes for some of these photos, many were taken through the windscreen so they may look a bit crusty.

7 thoughts on “Riding The Ninety Five

    • Hi Anneli! Yeah, it rains a bit in winter but the last two winters have seen more rain. It was like three days of rain either light or heavy. Then comes the Monsoon Season late summer or so. Soaking rains move north from Mexico and the Pacific Ocean into New Mexico and Arizona but Southern Nevada and Las Vegas can get beat up with some serious flooding, even the Strip can be flooded. Clark County has built miles and miles and miles of concrete flood control channels and detention basins to help control the rain coming down from the mountains and wherever else that cause the flooding.

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