The Morning Photos

A few photos from early today as I headed for the doctor office to collect my records. Several years ago in Michigan I requested all files and information from a doctor office as I transferred to a different doctor. I did the same thing yesterday, I kicked this current urologist to the curb for a few reasons which means I have to begin the entire process all over again.

I was very angry walking out of that office this morning, those files are my property yet I can’t have them directly. I must have the new doctor office request them, then they are faxed to the new doctor. That’s bullshit. I am in no way violating the HIPPA laws with this request. It’s just a complete repeat of what happened many years ago in Michigan. I feel violated.

9 thoughts on “The Morning Photos

  1. I really think it is illegal to not give you the records directly. They are yours. I always get copies of everything directly. Electronic records can disappear accidentally more easily than you think. Perhaps it is a state regulation (might be worth checking out?). Or those doctors are unaware of your rights. I totally understand your anger and frustration. Doctors forget that they work for US.

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    • Yes they do work for us! I called my sister earlier tonight to get her thoughts on all of this. She gave me two good ideas of which I will check out tomorrow. I’m very angry about this BS, all they seem to care about is protocalls and money. Does anyone in the medical field today really care about us?

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