iPhone Photos From 2017

Here are a couple iPhone snaps I took in Michigan on the beautiful lake I grew up on. I was there for my daughter’s wedding reception and I have to say I totally regret not taking my trusty old Nikon on this journey!

I tried to bring these photos out of the mud as best I could, phones cameras just aren’t ready to replace actual cameras…. I miss this beautiful lake, such a wonderful place to have grown up. Call me blessed…

9 thoughts on “iPhone Photos From 2017

    • Thanks Donna, it was a beautiful place to grow up and still is as beautiful. My sister still lives on the lake which is great as some summers she has a bunch of us family over for a huge cookout and boating. Precious memories there from 1968 onward. 🥰

    • Thanks Anneli! This place is almost sacred to me, so many wonderful summer days and chilly winters on the frozen lake. 🥰

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