Morning Kitchen Photos

Early today the sun shone brightly as always into my kitchen once the Plantation Shutters are flipped open. The lines on the wall from the shutters got me as did my little bucketful of old utensils. Later I headed south to my pharmacy for some refills then west into the desert mostly because I wanted to get out of the house! More to come from this beautiful sunny day here in lovely Las Vegas Valley.

2 thoughts on “Morning Kitchen Photos

  1. Good Morning dear John I love your indoor or still life photographs, you find an interesting image. By the way how are you, I mean about your kidnet? I hope it is gone now… Have a nice day, Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thank you Nia! your so kind my friend, I had to change doctors due to insurance issues hence I still have stones yet feel OK.

      Waiting for certain things to happen first before having procedure. It could be worse. Hugs for you my friend! ❤️

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