More On Red Spring

Yesterday I had another walk at Red Spring in Calico Basin. This time I snapped some photos of the information panels or whatever they call them so that you can read a bit about the place. It’s very fascinating to me that humans have lived in this small area for many thousands of years. Imagine what the rocks here could tell us of the millennia they have seen pass by. I’d like to snap my finger and be taken back in time.

10 thoughts on “More On Red Spring

  1. Hi Annelli, there are similarities between this desert and the desert where Phoenix is, so many different native peoples in our desert southwest. I’d love to meet the rock artists!


  2. Really enjoyed this visit to Red Spring, John. Fascinating rock formations, immense too. I liked reading the informational boards about the various changes. And petroglyphs are a true favorite of mine, so it was fun to see the rock art here. Your photos did a good job of sharing this beautiful place.

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