Cold Black Olives

This should give you a grin… I really love black olives. I mean since I was a little boy I remember loving the taste and texture of black olives, even more than your typical green, super duty salty olives! I don’t do this often because of the sodium content but I’ll dump them into a bowl sans most of the brine water and let them cool for hours or overnight. Yum! Do you have a favorite food too? Maybe watermelon? 😂

14 thoughts on “Cold Black Olives

  1. I am crazy with them too dear John, always we have black olives in our kitchen. On the other hand, we are an olive country, mostly coming from Aegean region but Marmara and Mediterranean too… Anyway, I have to be careful about salt because of my high blood pressure. I put them all in a warm water. And next day I strain them and again I put them in a warm water… till to salt free (I taste always) Then I take them in a bowl filling with olive oil, lemon juice and dried thyme and I can eat now… Thank you, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia! I too have high blood pressure but it’s well controlled with medications. I never though of processing them like you do. enjoy!! 🥰

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