Don’t Mind The Smog

Continuing on after the last set, I’m not proud to show you the damned smog floating in the valley. It’s nasty but what can be done beyond riding bikes instead? Be real. Clark County won’t allow you to drive legally without a smog test which isn’t cheap in my opinion. It costs me $500 every two years for the little sticky tab that sticks on your license plate. Yep! The cost of living is a bit higher here.

The smoggy photos are just not clear, sharp photos at all but I’m uploading them anyway because this is what it looks like. A bit embarrassing to me. I don’t have any breathing issues from it thank God, otherwise I would leave the city. The other photos were taken at the current dead end of two roads also using the 70-300mm zoom lens. I think the smog is less in the summer months, or less visible?

6 thoughts on “Don’t Mind The Smog

    • Thanks! I have the header images set up to rotate upon page changes, there are several of them, each my own photography. 🌴

    • There are two million of us stuffed into a roughly 20×30 mile valley. The housing market was booming when I got here in 2013 and it’s still growing as is the population. Many Californians are in my view, leaving that state because of the taxes and terrible driving delays. Nice of them to help it go up here too as I did to be fair about it… But those perhaps millions of cars and trucks are certainly coughing up the bad air quality.

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