9 thoughts on “Birds At The Lake

    • Hello, nice to see you back! I;m well thanks, except for kidney stones. Working with doctor on it. How about you?

      • Kidney stone pain ranks up there with the pain of childbirth! Hang in there, John! I am well. Busy with work and family lately so haven’t been on WordPress as much. I retire at the end of April, though! Ya-hoo!!

        • I had that painful experience initially, thank God it’s been stable and 99% pain free until I can get to the Lithotripsy.

          Having issues with paperwork since this started in Florida, not Nevada – long story.

          Congratulations on your retirement! Now what will you do with your time? Some just kick back whilst others start a new business… I prefer the kickback. 😎

          • Kickback all the way, haha! I plan to do all that I do now but sleep at night, lol! I’ve worked midnights since 1991! Plan to do fun stuff like more photography, keep active with swimming and spend time with family. My hubby still has five years to go.

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