Dead Keurig

I couldn’t have my two morning cuppas thanks to this freaking ninety or one hundred twenty day old Keurig refusing to work properly. I tried a few things to see if it would work to no avail. The LED indicating the need for descaling is not illuminated either. I use only soft water in it, distilled is too costly so here’s my solution to this nonsense that’s happened twice in the last year: Purchase a real, actual coffee maker that drips. I’ve had enough of Keurig’s cheap products! I suspect that I’m not the only one in this situation either…

6 thoughts on “Dead Keurig

  1. Twice I have had trouble with a Keurig. Both times I called the company. Both times after about a 4 minute conversation explaining what happened my new replacement was sent the next day, free of charge and shipped free. I guess I am on the other side: I have no complaint with my current Keurig, nor with the service I got from the company when I had problems.

    • You bet, Shelley! I just brought home a bare-bones Mr. Coffee machine, very simple and old fashioned which I’m running hot water through for the first cups, clean out any manufacturing goo in there. I’ve forgot how to use these machines! How many tablespoons or ounces do you use for the paper filter?

      Online it said about four tablespoons for two cups? Wow, it’s been a long time aye! 😂

      • Yay – good ol’ Mr. Coffee does the trick. Good idea to clean it out first. We only put 2 tablespoons in for a 12 cup pot. But we don’t like really strong coffee. I’m sure you’ll figure it out fast what works best for you!

  2. Wow, I’m sorry you guys have had the same ridiculous problem Anneli. My thoughts exactly, time to go back to real coffee machines. My plastic cups go in the recycle bin in the garage. Maybe I’ll toss the damn machine in there too… Espresso it just too strong for me.

  3. We have the same model except it’s black. We’ve gone through another Keurig (cheaper model), and then got this one. So far it’s been working fine. (Fingers crossed.) The only thing I don’t like is all the plastic cups that go into the landfill. I scoop out the used coffee and put it into the compost, and then stack the empty cups tightly together, but I don’t think that makes much difference in the fact that the plastic is still filling the dumps. I tried doing the reusable add-on part (to avoid having to use the plastic cups), but it doesn’t really work for me. I think the espresso type machines are more environmentally friendly, but they can be messy with spills and plug-ups. We may just have to come back to the old drip coffee after all, or switch to tea…. (I know – not the same….)

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