I Turned Around

Yesterday I wanted to try for some bird and squirrel photos but the high number of humans out there had me want to head home. So I did. These are the three photos I grabbed before heading back. Sucks…

8 thoughts on “I Turned Around

    • Thanks so much! It was certainly the best of three. The different colors are from millions of years ago when this area and much of the southwest were underwater in a warm shallow sea.

      In time plate tectonics thrust the ground upward as the Pacific Plate went up against the North American Plate, hence major sand dunes were born which gives us the red and other colors. People find sea shells high in the mountains!

    • No, they are still there, the humans scared this human away. The best time to go out there is actually in the summer months when there are less people. It’s so crowded that it takes away from the the enjoyment. Just one guy’s opinion… 😎

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