Welcome Home, Mr. Coffee

Meet my new and very bare-bones coffee machine, Mr. Coffee. I ran the first cups with just water to flush the system out in case there were any nasty bits left over from the manufacturing process. It makes four cups supposedly but those four cups are darn small for my liking. I made two different pots of coffee, one with two scoops, the second with four scoops. The four scoops did the trick, two scoops are too damn weak! Tasty!! 🥰

I am done with replacing Keurig machines!!

8 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Mr. Coffee

  1. You are done until your new pot breaks for whatever reason and you find Me. Coffee has become an antique because Keurig has taken over the world!

    • I’ll give ya that but I want dependability. I made a couple test pots with it, made the home smell great! 😎

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