The Real Peanut

Peanuts. Do you love them or despise them or have a peanut allergy? I hope not. I recall those round Planters Peanuts containers as a child in the 1960’s, the kind with the dark skin inside the peanut shell that has a slightly sour taste (to me)?

Yum! I avoid those containers these days because of the high sodium and fat content added in processing yet this delicious unsalted version of Planters Peanuts are just never available in the stores around here.

Why? As a lover of all things peanuts sans those nasty Reese’s Pieces TV commercials I see ten thousand times per day, this is possibly the best snack or field food you may want.

Anyway, I find the taste and texture of this brand much more flavourful and robust compared to the brand you see in a different photo. In defense of those Store Brand choices, some are, some are not solid choices.

I ordered these two containers yesterday, received them exactly on time this eve according to email from Amazon.

What the hell? Thanks, Amazon yet I usually see an Amazon Van in my neighbourhood but this order was delivered by a friendly young man apparently driving his own personal car. Really? I didn’t know about this.

Um, yes. I have cameras outside my home snooping 24/7. 😎

12 thoughts on “The Real Peanut

  1. Planters. The best. I like to pour them on a cookie sheet and add spices to them and roast a bit. Even no spices at all brings out that yummy peanut flavor. I remember they used to to in the vending machines at grammer school too. Ate them all the time.

    • They are reasonably good for ya, lots of fibre! I ordered them via Amazon Prime, next day delivery! My grocer won’t stock them. They do taste better without the millions of milligrams of sodium.

    • Wow, your way down there, my grocer just doesn’t stock them yet they have the lightly salted and full salt versions. NO good for those with high blood pressure.

  2. Yum! I usually get my peanut fix with chunky peanut butter on toast, though there is a temptation to eat it with a spoon straight from the jar. It’s on my “watch how much you eat of it” list, however because it is high potassium, fat, salt, sugars, and probably other things that taste good!

    • Yep, if it tastes good it’s bad for ya. I too have that yummy chunky peanut butter and love it on tasted bread. Bad for me X2 right? Sucks! Since my grocer won’t stock there, I just went to the source online, next day delivery with Amazon Prime! There’s a very noticeable difference between the off-brand and Planters, the flavour and texture is much better with Planters.

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