Going To The Mountains

This is the first set of photos taken today from a ride into the Springs. I usually will not drive beyond the snow line as my truck has never seen salt but the salt and water had all dried up hence I did make it up to the Mount Charleston Lodge at about 7500 feet of elevation. Lots more photos from today coming!

The Spring Mountains are home to Mount Charleston and Fletcher Peaks, both mountains are just below 12,000 in altitude. I did not try for the ski lodge which is on a different road, I’ll wait until spring for that ride.

These photos start the ride whilst still on the ninety five freeway heading northbound. It’s almost seventy degrees down here in the valley today but it was forty degrees at the lodge at about seventy five hundred feet!

9 thoughts on “Going To The Mountains

  1. Sorry about the cold weather up there Anneli, I hope warmer weather rolls in soon. Are you on Vancouver Island? The warm up is right on time here, pushing 70F is about right nearing February.


    • It’s a great day or half day ride! I like going up there more in summer when the temperature change is really significant. Maybe 108 in the valley down to the 70’s or 80’s up there. I asked a US Forestry employee up there if anyone rides snowmobiles in these mountains, apparently not. Did you live here in the past?

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