The Quincy Looper

The Quincy Looper engine was born in Quincy, Illinois many years ago and was my father’s favorite engine for the F Hydro class, the 1100cc class which was the biggest class back in the day when I was a boy.

This boat is a duplicate of the boat my father had, and the man driving the boat in the video made in 2012 was my father’s biggest competitor.

Obviously he still runs his boat here and there, this is in Hillsdale, Michigan. This is still a very special thing for me, so near and dear to my little old ticker! Watching this video and many others like it can actually make me tear up!

It was a blessing and a thrill growing up with these people and boats!

9 thoughts on “The Quincy Looper

    • Thanks! I think the engine is a masterpiece of outboard power head engineering. Not mass produced either. I believe the Looper term comes from the way the exhaust and fuel are taken in and expelled. Don’t quote that! 😂

    • It is very dangerous Anneli. In 1968, this same boat and engine design caught a gust of wind in the tunnel sending my dad into the air.

      The boat came down on him from high in the air and broke a rib which punctured a lung. He finally came home from the hospital in Tennessee to Michigan where he was for many weeks.

      At this point my mother demanded he end his driving career or else! Yep, he quit as sister and I were still little kids. I’m glad mom put her foot down but those years are where my love for boats and boat racing began. ❤️

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