Not A Coot

So then what is it? Do you know? The Coot doesn’t have the webbed feet so I don’t know but it’s an attractive bird. I’ve been out and about today, stopped at a quarter wash to blow my tires and wheels clean. They are still new but started looking grungy, thank you power washer! Those quarter washes seem few and far between in this city and very costly. It took two dollars and twenty five cents to blast my wheels and tires clean, such a good price eh?

16 thoughts on “Not A Coot

    • Wow Jet, you really know your birds! Thanks so much for the link, I’ve seen some of the birds in and out of the city. The Road Runners are fun to watch zipping along! 🥰

  1. Great photos. They are silly birds. As pointed out, they are cormorants, that look to be Neotropic Cormorants – Phalacrocorax brasilianus. I see one or two on the Rio Grande every no and then.

    • Thank you Belinda! I remembered the Coot but these guys I didn’t know. They were just soaking up the sunshine! 😎🌞

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