Fresh Coffee

Here’s another time-lapse video I made early today of Mr. Coffee making that first cup. Actually it was a one cup day, sometimes I vacuum down just one cuppa. This time I popped the iPhone on one of my miniature tripods to eliminate the jitter caused by holding on to the device, in any case the coffee was perfect. Thanks, Mr. Coffee. πŸ˜‚

9 thoughts on “Fresh Coffee

  1. Yes, and you can make that first cup even better roasting your own beans and grinding them fresh. It’s much easier to do than one might guess, though the roaster I use was a bit pricey. (You can do it in a regular oven, though I think it requires more skill than using a machine like I have, which is timed and uses an auger in a glass tube to keep the beans in motion the whole cycle.) Even buying pre-roasted beans at the grocer’s and grinding them at home makes a better cuppa! I’ve tried several variations, even using a cezve (Turkish coffee maker…), though I confess it’s tricky if you let the pot foam over! (Which I do regularly! It makes the best coffee, though, when you get it right.)

    • To be honest, I usually don’t use one which might be apparent. Hope not. But I have two tiny tripods meant for use with small devices. Last year I purchased a Monopod that’s been rarely used. Just not the same as the tripod for total stability…. The mini-pod is built by Manfrotto.

    • I’m sure ya do! Yay for time-lapse! The Keurig was much faster and made the coffee way hotter but this old fashion machine makes the coffee taste far better Curt. I hope you’ve got decent coffee there.

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