8 thoughts on “Concrete -vs- Water 2

  1. I remember that cartoon episode! Just dated myself… I see, sorry. That was an assumption that your across the river from Mexico. You know far more about navigation than I do.

  2. Energy dissipators make great canvases for graffiti. That must be very comforting for all the people living in the houses behind those energy dissipators to think how those nicely graffitied dissipators will slow down the water and disrupt it’s force before it floods their houses.

    • Thanks Tim for telling me what they are called, makes 100% sense! OM Gosh, ain’t no way in heck I’d purchase a home there! So dumb, I wonder if the location affect’s the home insurance costs?

      • Flood insurance can be interesting. We are about 1000 feet from the Rio Grande, and our property is bout 16 feet below the river’s bed. You would think we would need flood insurance, right? We don’t need flood insurance, and flood insurance is not an option for us (I could probably get an expensive supplement if I really insisted), because of the levees that channel the river, and a large dam 45 miles north of us. I would assume that the flood control structure in your photos would end up negating the need for flood insurance as well. It’s hard to say.

          • No, we are in north-central New Mexico about 300 miles north of Mexico. I-25 and I-40 cross at the Big-I in Albuquerque. Las Vegas is 36º north latitude at its center. Albuquerque is 35º north latitude at the Big-I. Albuquerque is where Bugs Bunny should have made a left turn.

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