Concrete -vs- Water

In time water will be victorious as water is the universal solvent. Beyond this concrete jungle lies a large detention basin, one part of a very large network of them in various sizes and configurations, designed to control the massive volumes of water that can come crashing down from these nearby mountains. There are residential neighborhoods directly across the street from this concrete monster, I would never purchase a home here!

7 thoughts on “Concrete -vs- Water

  1. So the purpose is to slow down the flow until it reaches a detention pond beyond? I guess when you build in the floodplain you have to do something.

  2. Excellent photos. I like the shopping cart waiting to go surfing. I also like the hogback formation in the background. It creates contrast and adds a lot of interest to the compositions. I wouldn’t live below one of these. We have a steep version of this in Albuquerque that’s been used in one of the Terminator movies, Breaking Bad, I believe (I’ve never seen Breaking Bad), and various other movies and TV shows filmed here in Tamalewood.

    • That’s cool! I think guys get far more rain from the seasonal monsoons than we do way up here. In 6 years I’ve still seen plenty of serious downpours here. Thanks for your kind comments Tim!

  3. Apparently the engineers believe that the maximum discharge flow won’t inundate the homes. Uh huh…. I’ve a couple more sets of these to go, bits of homes can be seen in some.

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