Back To The Spillway

I still feel rather shitty after my brief visit last Sunday to hospital but feeling much better too if that makes sense. It’s a slow process, anyway I needed to go elsewhere than the grocer today so I decided to hit the spillway again but this time with the new mirrorless Nikon and 24-70mm lens.

What do you think?

I say the images are as usual better than the D3300 body! I have several more photos from this that have to be sifted through, try to find the ‘most interesting’ of the lot. 😎


The Box Life

I’ve watched this new home construction for a few weeks now, they seem to be in zero hurry to complete this box house. Out of frame are a bunch of new boxes in an almost completed neighbourhood. The Box Life seems to be very popular in this area but who want’s to live in a box?

Zed Six Dark

Just two photos taken tonight on the new Nikon. I admit to feeling rather trapped the last several days since this damned respiratory problem has kept me home because of still feeling so tired and coughing up stuff, enough said. Here are some photos from being bored tonight. 😂🤮

A Drone’s Southern View

One more image taken by the DJI drone a couple or three years ago. The Red Rock Escarpment is seen on the right, the road is Charleston Boulevard seen snaking it’s way south where it will terminate at SR160 or Blue Diamond Road. SR160 crosses this image east to west very distant in the image and isn’t visible of course. SR160 west from this point will take you to about 5500ft ASL at Mountain Springs, NV. Continue west and you will arrive in Pahrump, NV in about thirty minutes.

The 6 Cylinder Looper Engine on a Runabout

Honestly I’ve always been so surprised to see a large six cylinder engine on a Runabout hull. It’s such an unstable hull to begin with, add that two-stroke, six cylinder engine that produces enough horsepower that you need an extra man or woman on board to compensate for the weight and power! Be warned, this video is seriously loud, adjust your volume! The sound is Heavenly to me!

Disclaimer: This is not my video, no copyright intended.

The Muncher

Why not stuff one’s face whilst waiting on the bus? I’ve been looking for other applications for black and white photo processing this morning. I forgot about an application for this MacBook that I’d downloaded a couple weeks ago but never really tried until this morning. Doink!! I’ll try this app again later today, let’s see what happens.