In Permanent Dry Dock

Not too far from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway I passed by this poor boat looking all smashed up and broken. Honestly, this pisses me off on at least two levels. One, it’s obviously dumping your rubbish in the desert! Also, it’s sad that someone invested lots of money and time in this boat only to dump it in the desert. Who cleans it up?

I grew up with boating, this makes me sad.

11 thoughts on “In Permanent Dry Dock

    • Nah, it’s toast. It still has the reg numbers on it which is why I put the blur over them. I venture say the engine was removed, maybe the lower unit too…

  1. Too bad it has been dumped there. It’s about as pretty as a used mattress thrown into the ditch at the side of the road. All the fibreglass breaking down in the sunshine.

    • It sucks so bad! It’s amazing to see how much broken glass and other crap you see just walking around the desert in some places. Jerks. I love boating too, but now I’m in a desert! 😂

  2. This is me in any social situation involving more than one person. Awkward. Out of place. Yep, like a boat in the middle of the desert.

    • Good thought Tim, isn’t that lake sooo sad? I’ve seen it just once some years ago with the ex. It stunk badly. If the powers that be would stop fighting over what to do and make a decision, this place could one day revert to what it was in it’s heyday.

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