Radiating Elements

I’ve held an Amateur Radio license since the 1980’s, after all these years I still like the hobby and find any type of antenna system interesting. Years ago I had a 100 foot tower in my backyard with several antennas up there. Today I’m almost completely inactive but still hold the license. It’s tough to install antenna systems living in an HOA!!

I snapped these photos today with the Nikon zoom lens. You may recognise these elements with their twisted look. There are different types of these antennas today but they are still both vertically and horizontally polarised.

They are constructed this way so that the many types of FM broadcast receiver antennas can hear the signal both vertically and horizontally. The antennas are fed with either hard line or heliax which can handle the 100,000+ watts of power they are built for to cover very large areas. Now this is real broadcasting…

I tried to find good examples of the different feed lines with no success.

7 thoughts on “Radiating Elements

    • FM Broadcast stations there have different antennas? These are omni-directional and both vertical and horizontal polarised. Rated at 1KW or more I bet.

    • The next time you see a tall tower, have a look up there! There could be several radio services up there which are on many different frequencies. The shapes and sizes of each antenna dictates it’s resonate frequency. Looking at them these many years later, it’s obvious to me what frequency range they are transmitting/receiving in. It’s a bunch of technical stuff that most folk probably don’t much care about.

    • I’m happy you like this, Sandra! I tried to find solid tech specs that would help people understand but couldn’t. For me this is just simple physics. It’s a complicated and very addictive subject!

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