Four Wheelin’

Here’s a set from yesterday with people riding their quads. I grew up with a quad under my bum but no longer ride these days. I really miss it! In the photos you can see the Strip and the landing field for Nellis AFB. These photos are much smaller than I usually upload as I’m having storage issues with WordPress. Each image is 250kb or less, they seem to look fine still. What do you think?

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  1. I tried…So I bought a VW Bug. I’ve always wanted one of those too. It is the Fender Edition and only has 10,000 on it. Really got a good deal on it because the dealer mispriced it. So I drove it away for $10,500. Couldn’t beat that. It is a beauty and the sound system in it is the best. I love it too. So I got my little car 🙂

  2. These look really nice John. No compromise is obvious now that you are using smaller specs. This has really helped me re think my storage space as well. So thank you again!

  3. I never had a quad, but rode dirtbikes starting when I was 9 years old. I haven’t ridden motorcycles for years and gave up riding bicycles after too many riding partners got killed by either angry or distracted drivers. It’s actually a wonder I survived those years of motocross and Evel Knievel high jumping.

    this set of photos look great on the screen. I just posted 65 Kb files of cranes, and they have plenty of detail.

    • Ya know Tim, I get it. On Charleston Blvd outside of the city, there are constantly bikers on the sides riding and I believe they are just plain old stupid for riding along a very busy road. I toot my horn at them and wave Get Off the road at them. It’s not illegal but still… I rode dirt bikes for years with my dad and his buddies from work. We all worked together. I miss riding but my herniated discs may not appreciate my taking up riding again…

      • I don’t know the laws for bicycles in Arizona, but I assume they are similar to New Mexico. Bicycles are considered the same as motor vehicles. Riders can ride two abreast to the right as much as is practicable. Motor vehicles are to allow 5 feet clearance when passing bicycles. The problem is few people know the laws, including the police. There are a lot of hostile drivers, but what’s worse, and more dangerous, are all the distracted drivers on their cell phones. Distracted drivers and two-wheeled vehicles are a deadly combination, especially for those on two wheels.

        • I had to toot my truck tooter today – distracted dipstick in left turn lane complete with Green Arrow. Still dicking with device most likely.

          • I got rear ended by a lawyer dicking around on his phone last October. I still don’t have my car back from the body shop. Dealing with a lawyer was a real experience. I’ve never mentioned the whole thing on my blog because of things can get sticky with social media and lawyers.

            • Nobody likes lawyers it seems. I suppose this jerk will get out of everything using his insider knowledge. You really should have got your car back by now, wow! Social Media has ruined people – I stay away from Facebook and similar sites, no thanks.

              • I couldn’t get my car into the shop until late November because the lawyer went into hiding trying to avoid taking responsibility for hitting me. Then it took three weeks for the Insurance company to approve the higher estimate for the damage after the bodyshop got the car taken apart. It was Christmas by that time. The insurance company initially estimated $2200 in damage. The final estimate was over $9,000. The current delay is there are some parts that have been on backorder for months. It’s a Mazda Miata MX-5 RF.

                • Wow man that sucks! I hope the parts will show up soon to the body shop, Tim. trying to hide is probably the worst thing this jerk could do, he should know better anyway being a lawyer. That’s a great looking car Tim!

                  • He knew what he was doing. He was making sure I wasn’t going to sue for injuries before he took responsibility.The MX-5 is a great car. I still have one of my RX-8’s. I’ve been trying to sell it, but most people who have been interested in it wanted it for their teenagers. I discouraged them. An RX-8 is not a good car for a teenager. It requires too much specialized upkeep on the Wankel, and it has to be driven hard, but needs to have a responsible driver drive it hard.

                    • I say ya did the right thing deterring them. I’ve never driven a car with that type of power plant, it’s an odd engine but apparently it’s dependable.

                    • The engines are small, 1.3 Liter, but turn out about 260 HP at 8,000 RMP, and they redline at 10,000 rpm. The RX-8 is a fairly large car (four passenger with a fairly large trunk), but it has the same turning radius at the MX-5. I can U-Turn in a two lane road and stay inside the white lines with it. The RX-8s are pretty fast, and handle unbelievably well. They suck on gas mileage, however.

                    • That’s a really power output! the RPM range seems higher than those in a standard piston engine. 10K is really spinning!

    • Hi Anneli, the dimensions are the same, the images are all compressed to reduce file size, something I’ve not paid too much attention to. Takes a 700kb image down to 200 or so kb’s…

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