A Freeway View of The Vegas Strip

Taken a couple days ago now, I’m on the 215 freeway eastbound looking south toward the Strip. There are a couple other photos tossed in that are near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

9 thoughts on “A Freeway View of The Vegas Strip

  1. Thanks! I’m usually looking east from my area of the city which shows you Frenchman Mountain as the largest, these views are looking west with the much larger Spring Mountains many miles beyond the Strip.

      • I think it was a variable polariser. Now I’m wondering if I really don’t have them still! Gotta go dig into my cam bag now…

    • I no longer have those filtres Jason, I had them a good while yet never used them. That haze makes the photos look shitty I must admit.

      • I think that the polarizer will help a little, but it won’t be magic.

        If you can find a time when the air is cool and dry, it will be helpful as I think. The haze is probably mostly humidity and smog which is worse in the afternoon. Maybe just after sunrise on a cool morning will be your best bet for optimal visibility. I know I get much better shots of Austin in the morning than I do in the afternoon.

        • Good idea Jason but I don’t crawl outta bed until a bit after sunup most days. It’s always dry here, just 5% humidity in my home just now!

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