Closer and Closer

Each image shows me just a bit closer to the city, watch the Stratosphere Tower as it becomes larger. This road is actually Las Vegas Boulevard. I have traveled this road from it’s beginning most of the way south the the Nevada-California border, all the way north to Apex. Whether it goes beyond there I’m not sure but it’s an interesting drive.

The south end begins in weeds and the road is crap. I think it originally went much further south, just a hunch. The other end to which I went ended high above Las Vegas in some barren foothills. It’s a bit funny to me that I’ve lived here the better part of seven years yet haven’t traveled much to the northern regions of Nevada, it’s a huge state!

These file sizes are reduced a bit too far!

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    • No and no, it does parallel the 15 freeway though. I find this stuff out on my Joy Rides around the city. 😂

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