The Friendly Duck

Today I headed for Sunset Park which is very close to McCarran International Airport. I was hunting for bird photos as there’s always a huge population of all kinds of them at this park due to the man-made lake there.

I snapped two gigs of photos! I will begin this large set with this guy or gal. I think something was off a bit with the duck as I was able to get literally about thirty inches from it! And it kept sticking it’s little head over the water too.


It looked up at me several times yet just went about it’s odd business so I took full advantage of the situation using the 70-300mm zoom lens. The photos are slightly redundant but I processed them anyway. There were ten photos, I tossed one as it was too fuzzy. Isn’t he or she just sooo cute!


7 thoughts on “The Friendly Duck

  1. That’s a very cute duck. The hotel we Hilton Suites hotel we stayed in when we were there in 2018 had a pond in the middle of the atrium with two white swans. Elvis and Pricilla, I think their names were.

  2. Looks like a Muscovy duck. They are out there in the wild, but are often found as your regular barnyard duck too. (And probably lots of cross-breeding). Nice photos.

    • I had the same thought! It’s an odd looking duck, gotta be a crossbreed… Thanks for the compliment! Can’t believe how close it let me get…

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