6 thoughts on “The Tower

  1. If I had just seen the photograph without a description, I would have said the tower was a Soviet era tower or a security watch tower. I guess I must be out of touch with modern architectural trends (and much else besides).

  2. They have a cool looking tower. When we were in Las Vegas in April 2018 to give papers at UNLV, the jets were constantly taking off. With UNLV practically at the end of the runway, it was very noisy. Our hotel was right under the flight path as well.

    • Oh gosh, how could you sleep? I think the university is on Tropicana. The jet noise is non-stop! From my home all I hear from them is when they bank right after takeoff and are a few miles south of me, not very loud. What I do hear is the smaller traffic departing the North Las Vegas airport. Mostly puddle jumpers mixed with an occasional private jet. The Metro PD folks fly over frequently and I’ve seen some serious looking military choppers pass over my house. You just know who they are!

      • We get all kinds of air traffic around here, but we are 20 miles north of the airport, so the planes are still high in the air when they fly over us. I see Osprey several times a week, heavy military jets quite often, and fighter jets when they are doing special training or special events. I also see military helcopters from time to time, but most of the helipcopters are news, emergency or police. We get a fair amount of vintage war planes comming through.

        • Wow, it’s very similar to here. I used to work at a U Haul super close to Nellis AFB, when the jets would fly, OM Gosh was it loud and thrilling for me!

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