After visiting Sunset Park, I drove across Sunset Road to my fav aircraft photography site. It’s a secret. I snapped loads of photos but kept about thirty of them. Here are three of them, the darker image was not cooperating so I made a weird looking dark image of it. More aircraft images coming.


14 thoughts on “Approach

  1. I love Sunset Park. I can see ducks that are not available to me here. Ross’ Goose is one of them. Since it is right near the strip and the airport, you can find yourself in nature without going very far. Nice photos of the jets!

        • I see. Sorry, nosy isn’t my thing. You seem to know the city well. I lived in Dunedin in the 90’s. Could have bought home in Florida but decided to stay here, no hurricanes or tornadoes. I lost a home and car in the 93′ flood…

          • I do know a lot about Las Vegas because when we visit, we go outside the strip and play with birds and hike the rocks and stuff like that. We’ve spent some time in Dunedin. Honeymoon Island State Park is there with one of the largest osprey rookeries around. We still go down to the Tampa Bay area a few times a year as I have 2 children and all my grand children living down in the area.

  2. Looks like your secret spot is an amazing location. I felt as though I could almost hear the roar of the engines. Great captures John.

    • I have some seriously close closeups of these bellies lined up to upload. I’m directly under the approach path. The Glide Slope is seen in some of those photos but I’ve never seen the rest of it to the east of this location, unless it doesn’t exist? I dunno.

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