Ice in The Desert

It’s been a bit colder in Las Vegas this winter in my opinion, seeing this ice clinging to these small trees was a bit of a shock though. Water jets coming from pipes on the little island have managed to freeze layer after layer as the water kept bursting out. It’s even stuck on a Med Fan Palm too. Poor trees, but the birds don’t care!


17 thoughts on “Ice in The Desert

    • The ice is likely the result of the many hoses spitting out water that cools quickly then attaches itself to anything. Trees. In a few weeks we will be back to the 100+ summer heat. 😎🌴🌡

  1. Nice ice shots. We get a lot of that around here. It’s been really cold out here.

      • You are at lower altitude than us. We get lots of cold and ice at 5000 feet, even though we only get about 8 inches of precipitation a year.

        • Wow, that’s an odd climate in that you receive so little precip at that altitude. I can gain 1500 foot just driving west in some places near my home. Mountain love.

          • We are in the rainshadow of the Sandias on the east, and the rain shadow of the continental divide about 50 miles to the west. Whenever weather comes up the Rio Grande valley from the south or down the Rio Grande valley from the north, we can get a lot of rain or snow.

            • I see, thanks for the explanation. Geology can mess up our weather haha. Then the Monsoons must hit you hard? The last couple years of Monsoon season here in my opinion haven’t yielded much rain which sucks.

    • Thanks Lisa, this is a place of temperature extremes. Just cold enough to freeze the water droplets now, in four months it’ll be over 100 degrees daily. ☺️🌴🌡

    • Yep! The water droplets froze on that little tree, just cold enough I guess. I was cold, needed a sweater under my jacket! 66 today, may melt it, 70 degrees tomorrow

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