The Last of The Birds

Here is the last set of photos from the park the other day. I also have a few aircraft photos to upload, then I’m out! On another note, today is a long awaited day for me regarding my health. Some of you are aware that I’ve got kidney stones in both kidneys, they’ve been hanging out in my gut for too long. Today I finally go see my new urologist. I so hope he can get me in the hospital for Lithotripsy very soon. I’m so tired of dealing with the pain and aggravation these damn things have caused me for far too many weeks now. Fingers crossed! About those photos…


16 thoughts on “The Last of The Birds

  1. Love your second shot of the Double-crested Cormorant, John. You actually captured its ‘crests’ flared on the head, excellent! They don’t flare them often. I also love your third photo of the Redhead duck. Stunning!! Hope your doc visit goes well!

    • Thank you Sandra! I see the doctor today. Long overdue because of rules set forth by the doctor office. A matter of getting the documents from a hospital in Florida where this first started. Stupid…

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