The Dirty Drive Train

Last night I twisted the 60mm macro on my old time Nikon body and got to work snapping my Kona Bike chain drive. The bike is actually super clean as I use the same polish on the entire bike as I do on my truck. But that chain and sprockets appear filthy as hell in these macros. Yeah, I was bored LOL!! 😂


9 thoughts on “The Dirty Drive Train

  1. That’s actually and clean cassette. When I was racing, my cassettes would get really dirty because I had to ride on 3/4 mile of dirt road to get to the street. I had a Nikon 60mm Macro many years ago. It was a great lens. I used it a lot.

      • Cassette is the standard nomenclature for a set of sprockets on the rear wheel of a bicycle. Often referred to with the number of sprockets: 8-speed cassette, 9-speed cassette, etc. Chainrings are the front sprokets on the crankset.

        • OK, thanks Timothy. I had no idea they have these names. As a kid, my buddy and I would look for bicycle parts and pieces to take back to the garage where we would put together some weird looking bikes from the many parts including frames. It was good fun back in the day!

          • I raced bicycles for years, years ago. You learn the lingo when you ride 300 to 400 miles a week. I also spent a lot of money on tires, cassettes and chains back then as they wear out with so much riding. My last racing bike I sold a couple of years ago had about 180,000 miles on it.

              • And that was my last racing bike. I had two or three before that one. Back then my bicycles cost more that the cars I drove.

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