As The Sun Transits

Late yesterday the sun shone into the living and dining room as always, I spotted the sunlight slowly moving across this piece of authentic Navajo pottery. Of course I jumped up for the Nikon and got to work! I used the 70-300mm zoom for these images. They were fun to process, I love the deep, rich red color. I saved these for upload late today.


8 thoughts on “As The Sun Transits

  1. I don’t know but I can’t see your photographs dear John, it gives the code DSC-6652 and when I click I can’t see too… Sorry. Love, nia

    • Nia, I don’t k ow why you can’t see the images. I am hosting them externally from my site now due to WordPress greed. Try a different browser if you have one. šŸ˜Ž

      • Dear John, still I can’t see but I found another way, when I go to my followers’ page (on my blog) I can see, I don’t know why I can’t see them in your blog. Thank you, Love, nia

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