Sierra Nevada Big Horn Sheep – Endangered

Honestly, I had no idea this is true until I saw this yesterday. This really sucks! I’ve seen these sheep just once in the Spring Mountains. I hope the people working to preserve this beautiful animal will be 110% successful!

7 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Big Horn Sheep – Endangered

    • I agree, just as we never learn from wars and violence from ages ago. We continue to find ever more effective ways to slaughter each other.

  1. Maybe they can get some bighorn sheep from New Mexico. Several years ago we were hiking to Wheeler Peak in Taos, NM. Helicopters with bags hanging off them kept flying over us. We ran into a forest ranger near the top of the mountain and asked what they were doing with the helicopters. He said they were transporting bighorn sheep to a preserve somewhere a few states away. The bighorn sheep conservation efforts had been so successful in New Mexico, that we export bighorn sheep to other states. He said they funded the conservation and relocation program by auctioning off an annual hunt. They pick out an old sheep that’s won’t make it through the winter and auction off a permit for a hunter to shoot it. The permits go for $200,000 or more.

    • Wow, 200K!!! That’s nuts. I hope the people working to help the animals up here are also working with your state! The sheep must have been terrified during the flights. Thanks for the information, Tim!

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