5 thoughts on “Nice -n- Greasy!

    • If it’s the yoke, you can get eggs without the yoke which is odd but it’s still as good. Some restaurants will remove the yoke for you in the process.

      • No. If I were to eat eggs, it would just be the yolk. I just can’t. They make me gag unless they are cooked in something like pancakes, cake, etc .

  1. Yep, the B&W is a bit yucky. BUT the top pic shows hash browns the way they are supposed to be. Yum. (The omelette looks good too.I like that ham peeking out!)

    • Thanks, it’s a Denny’s omlette! The location on Sahara always has good food. There’s a closer location to my place but the waitresses aren’t as pretty. 😂😉 Kidding. I happened to be near this one.

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