Around Calico Basin

A hiker’s and rock climber’s paradise best describes this little area and of course we photographers love the place too. I used the 10-20mm lens for these, I rarely use this lens. I love that super deep blue. 😎🌡

7 thoughts on “Around Calico Basin

    • Wow, that’s great Maria! Your friends must ask you where the heck that was taken! The summer heat isn’t back, been in the upper fifties and low sixties lately. I’m ready for the heat! Great to see you back, I hope all is well with you both. 😎☺️🌴

      • I’m sure I will get some questions about the photo πŸ™‚ upper 50’s and 60’s sounds wonderful πŸ™‚ Everything is great here, it has been a busy time creating new routines and settling in to life in a new country. So many things are very different, for example, cash isn’t king here. Many stores doesn’t accept cash, and many banks don’t handle cash anymore either!

        • Wow, really? No cash! I’m glad you do have some good memories of Las Vegas, Maria. I know your doctor basically told you to leave because of the air quality and your health, that’s a really good doctor!

          I wonder how your doing once in a while, it must be so wonderful to be back in your native land and speaking your native language!

          Current forecast is 69 today, 70 tomorrow under sunny skies. Stay in touch! 😎

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